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Wellness in Mind and Body


What is wellness? How do you feel when you’re at your “best”? Do you feel at peace, rested, invigorated, nourished, resilient, strong, and balanced?


Like a sturdy 3-legged stool, we are supported and considered well adjusted, when all three dimensions of wellness--physical, chemical and emotional health--are in alignment. This alignment allows for optimal mental perception, conscious verbal expression and precise physical coordination. Should one of these falter, we lose our support and become unbalanced and weakened.


Inspired Health is pleased to offer clients a spectrum of resources to address all aspects of wellness, bringing the fullest expression of your Inspired Life forward.

Upon working with this office, clients begin first with an intake to assess their current health, and outline immediate concerns as well as long-term goals. Our intake is designed to evaluate where the greatest need appears to be, and how we will work with clients to achieve the best results.

MOVEMENT: Alignment of the body provides balance and proper functioning of the joints and spine. When the spine is aligned, it allows for uninterrupted communication from the brain through the spinal cord to all the body’s organs and tissues. By addressing the mechanics of your body’s joint and musculature health through chiropractic and massage, we ensure your body is primed to fight illness, stave off disease, and carry you through your day with optimum strength and flexibility.

NOURISHMENT: Not only is your body affected by the food you eat, but also through every chemical that comes in contact with you. At Inspired Health, we’ll be evaluating your  nutrition, but also talking with you about other toxins, your level of hydration, your overall lifestyle, and other environmental factors like the air quality at home and at work.


MINDFULNESS: We live in a highly agitated society. We’re constantly bombarded by a multitude of needs; from work to home life or social relationships. We will talk with you about how well you are coping and caring for your Self. We wish to be a refuge at Inspired Health, providing time to re-fill your bucket, so that you can be at your best. Clients may choose to work on mental and emotional stress through Reiki or guided meditation and we are also happy to refer clients to psychological counseling for more support.


Committed to providing clients with the best care possible, it is also our goal to teach healthy habits for continued growth after acute treatment.