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Inspired Sprout


Beginning prenatally, and throughout pregnancy, you prepare the soil of your baby’s development in every way. At Inspired Health Chiropractic, we support a natural approach to nourishing your growing Sprout, as well as mother’s changing body. Early and on-going care promotes a healthy pregnancy and easier labor. Studies show that women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy may lessen pain and length of labor by 4-5 hours. Treatment of your growing body includes ensuring a balanced pelvic basin—an essential factor in a safe, natural delivery. When the pelvis is misaligned, it may reduce the space available for your growing baby, as well as complicate delivery.


Your child deserves a healthy start to an Inspired Life! Chiropractic care throughout infancy and childhood is a gentle way of preventing, and addressing, many common childhood illnesses. By removing any interference between the developing brain and spinal cord, optimum communication is established to all growing organs. Keeping that brain-body connection free from disturbances is essential to nourishing your child’s health! Parents often seek chiropractic care for relief of conditions such as: colic, ear infection, asthma, headaches, bed-wetting, constipation, and allergies. If your child requires further medical treatment, Dr. Jasmine will confidently recommend local health providers who will meet your family’s needs. Additional components of your child’s holistic health plan may include whole food nutritional supplements and pediatric massage.