Not only is your body affected by the food you eat, but also through every chemical that comes in contact with you. At Inspired Health, we’ll be evaluating your  nutrition, but also talking with you about other toxins, your level of hydration, your overall lifestyle, and other environmental factors like the air quality at home and at work.


Morphogenic Field Technique

Everything in nature has energy around it. This energy signature is recognized by biologists, scientists and physicists; you may have heard it being called Chi or Aura. In this technique, we refer to it as the M-Field. MFT is an advanced form of muscle response testing in which we use your body’s energy field to gain information, instead of the organs and glands through blood testing. Imbalances in the

M-Field will affect the health of the person over time and can be measured with this style of evaluation. A simple protocol of whole food supplements and herbs help to increase cellular repair and communication. This nutritional solution balances the M-Field for better overall body health and organ function.

Common Health Concerns Covered:
Cellular Nutrition
Hormone Balance
Gut Health
Immune Support
Emotional Health


Dr. Jasmine will work with you to determine if specific cellular nutrients are required for healing. Establishing a strong nutritional foundation is vital for living a full an abundant life.



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