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Inspired Core


At Inspired Health, we desire the fullest expression of health for you– from your spine, straight through to your heart. It’s a bold adventure, and a claim that is not commonly heard from your chiropractor. However, we aim to live an Inspired Life, and we invite you to do the same!


What does that look like? It’s a great question to begin with. For you, personally, what is YOUR fullest expression of an Inspired Life? Perhaps its gaining mobility that you never thought possible. Perhaps it is competing in a physical challenge you’ve always dreamed of but never felt healthy enough to attempt. Perhaps it is standing tall to deliver a presentation in front of peers. Whatever your “misalignments” may be, we wholly support you in shedding habits, fears, and limitations that keep you from being your best Self, down to your very Core.


Classically known for treating the spinal system and nerves, chiropractors do work on the “core” of the body. A healthy core (aka spinal system) ensures the ongoing health and vitality of the rest of the body. A healthy core also points to our overall outlook on wellness—and wellness takes into consideration mind, body and spirit. If your body is relatively “well”, but you’re lacking zest, then you are not living your best life. An Inspired Core is the ultimate expression of You.


It is YOU energized, actualized, and on fire!