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Dr. Jasmine

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Our purpose is to help remove interference in your life; whether it's a physical pain problem from injury, an ailment you want to correct using nutrition, or balancing your mental/emotional process with subtle energy work. Inspired Health Chiropractic was created to be a safe and sacred environment for you to explore your options for health and find a pathway of healing for your life. 


We believe that you are capable of taking on the challenge of self discovery and embracing a full and abundant life.

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What is wellness? How do you feel when you’re at your best? Do you feel at peace, rested, invigorated, nourished, resilient, strong, and balanced?


Like a sturdy 3-legged stool, you are supported and considered well adjusted when all three dimensions of wellness are in alignment. This alignment allows for optimal mental processing, accurate chemical communication and precise physical coordination. Should one of these falter, you may lose your support and become unbalanced and weakened.


We are pleased to offer a spectrum of resources to address all aspects of wellness, bringing the fullest expression of your Iife forward. Upon working with us, you will begin with an intake form to assess your current health, and outline immediate concerns as well as long-term health goals. Our intake form is designed to evaluate where the greatest need appears to be, and how we will work with you to achieve the best results.


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